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    Birthday Parties

    Let’s celebrate your special day by creating memories with your friends. And it’s not just for kids! Oh no! Just beuse you are an adult doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate with creativity.


    Girls Night out

    Is it your turn to come up with something NEW and fun for the girls to do??Join a nvas painting workshop, walk in and make your own jewelry, paint pottery or book your group in for glass fusing.


    Adult Art classes

    Painting and pottery aren’t just for kids! We have a range of awesome adult classes open for you to let loose and explore. Why not come in with friends of for your next Date Night?


    แทง บอล ออนไลน์ ฟรี

    We are a fabulous place to gather with family and friends, to create, share ,and laugh together, while creating memories and a unique one of a kind keepsake. Enjoy some creative together-time as you transform your pottery pieces into amazing works of art, to be glazed and kiln-fired to a bright, durable finish.

    Easy to start

    Getting yourself started at Clay fe is as easy as 1-2-3:
    Pick > Pay > Paint!

    abradabra fun

    What better activity to nurture your creativity than Clay fe Avalon? TaaDaaah!

    ring staff

    We are always here to assist and encourage your inner artist. No appointment necessary!

    Happy kids

    Kids are always so proud of their masterpieces. Blue dogs and green elephants are encouraged.

    “Anybody wanting to do a special gift for grandparents or other family members, Clay fe has mugs, plates, etc, that you n decorate with baby hand and/or footprints. They have ideas there for what to do! I went in with my own ideas I found on Pinterest and the staff was AWESOME at helping get the prints just perfect. If they weren’t good the first time, we’d wipe off and do it again!”


    “Clay fe Avalon is amazing. Jamie gave an extra class for an egg painting party ( she already did 2 with the kindergarten groups!) AND THEN she me back to instruct the kiddies who were absent the first day. I n’t say enough how amazing she is!! YOU are amazing – thank you so much – from 27 little hearts & one thankful and appreciative grade 1 teacher.”

    –?MS. VOKEY

    “First paint class was last night! Instructor did an awesome job, especially for someone who has never painted in their entire life. Such a fun night out with friends. The BYOB was a bonus. I will be returning sooner than later!”



    Stay up to date on upcoming classes and workshops at Clay fe Avalon!

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